Corporate Team Building


Esprit de Corps

With groundbreaking methods proven to empower team members at levels unattained elsewhere, we utilize fun, interactive real-life missions that create a bridge between the (often classified) skills and training available only to top-tier intelligence operatives and translate them to the plethora of challenges faced by businesses today.

Each event is customized with input directly from you to ensure the program addresses and integrates your company’s specific objectives throughout the mission— ensuring your team emerges transformed, galvanized, and unstoppable.

In addition to your company goals, your team will learn the following:


1. Resilience:

    • Self-awareness
    • Optimism
    • Mental agility
    • Connection (building strong relationships, being empathetic, being willing to ask for and offer help) 

2. Building Mental Toughness

    • Thinking clearly and resourcefully on your feet
    • Problem-solving under pressure
    • Flexibility

3. Identifying Character Strengths

    • Identify your strengths
    • Identify others’ strengths
    • Identify team strengths
    • Using strengths to overcome challenges and achieve success

4. Strengthening Relationships

    • How to respond to others in an active, constructive way
    • How to effectively and specifically commend someone
    • How to communicate effectively with anyone, anywhere, anytime
    • Understanding others world view

5. Sustainment and Mentorship

  • Real-life application during different career stages
  • Identifying struggling team members
  • Fostering aptitude in others

Team Building


Jennifer Holmstrom

Jennifer Holmstrom

Manager of Leadership Recruitment Team – Facebook

“Undercover Rose is an amazing partner for a team off-site. The experience that they deliver is so truly unique and customized for every client. Today I’ve really learned a lot as the manager of a team about the team dynamic outside of what I see in the office each and every day. What I’ve learned today will inform how I am as a manager and a leader on a go-forward basis. I can’t wait to hear more about what the team learned overall. One thing I am very sure of is that they will take this experience with them wherever they go over time. Great day and hats off to an amazing experience.”

Golnoosh Salimpour

Golnoosh Salimpour

Leadership Recruitment Team Member – Facebook

“After today’s lessons, I think the biggest takeaway for me, in addition to all of the amazing pointers that Janice gave us, [was] being reconnected with the team as individuals and being able to learn how to work together. I think we all came together much closer and more familiar with each other at the end, so I’m really excited about that moving forward.”