Meet Our Founder

Janice Niederhofer

Founder & CEO

Janice Niederhofer’s extraordinary experience has made her a secret weapon of human behavior with exceptional intuition, wisdom, and fearlessness. She uses well-honed skills and transformative insight to create powerful materials that form the infrastructure and vision of Undercover Rose.

Breaking Glass Ceilings

Janice began a distinguished law enforcement career as a police officer with two departments, then served 21-years with the Drug Enforcement Administration. As the first female SWAT team member, first female hostage negotiator, the first female narcotics detective, and the first female to be assigned to numerous specialized details previously only offered to men, Janice broke through many formidable glass ceilings for women.

Janice also created a series of first-of-their-kind training programs and became a highly sought-after subject matter expert in the areas of human behavior, leadership/leadership development, self-defense, body language, communication, weapons handling, polygraph, interviewing/interrogation, and tactical skills. She has taught these subjects and more to all levels of law enforcement agencies, including DEA, FBI, Secret Service, CIA, NCIS, ATF, Drug Unit Commanders Academy (DUCA), Tribal PD, LAPD, Detroit PD, Congreso Internacional de Control de Confianza (CISEN), Department of Defense, NSA, Immigrations Customs Service (ICE), the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and more.


Beyond Law Enforcement

Reaching well beyond law enforcement, Janice is in demand by global clients as a personal and business consultant, dynamic public speaker, and provider of customized events unlike any other. She is a powerhouse talent with bachelor’s degrees in Psychology and Criminal Justice and a master’s degree in Forensic Psychophysiology. In addition to her higher education, Janice has extensive Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) certifications including Master Practitioner, Health Practitioner, WealthyMind™ Practitioner, and Coaching. She was honored to be a part of Robbins Research International, Inc. (RRI) for ten plus years that included responsibilities as a trainer and one of their first certified coaches. Janice also worked for Mark Victor Hanson, an original co-founder of the Chicken Soup for the Soul book series, in charge of facilitating his Mega Inner Circle elite client group.