Corporate Agents of Leadership and Diversity


We deliver exciting, customized events using methods that are distinctive and adventurous. Each event goes beyond mere bonding by using experiential learning to inspire leadership, global collaboration, and long-lasting actionable tools for life and business.

01. Operation:  Esprit de Corps

Corporate Team Building

A distinctive corporate team building experience that gets to the heart of strategic planning, team cohesiveness, and cutting-edge performance. With groundbreaking methods that address and integrate your company’s specific objectives, your team emerges transformed, galvanized and unstoppable.

02. Operation:  Beyond the Trenches

Women’s Executive Retreat

A one-of-a-kind, experiential program for individuals or companies that teaches women new ways to show up as leaders at work—and in all aspects of life. Extraordinary, real-life law enforcement and military trainers and profound speakers share skills that are vital to effectively lead others in competitive, chaotic environments.

03. Operation:  Undercover Rose

Public Speaking

Founder Janice Niederhofer captivates and inspires by combining years of scientific and psychological study of human behavior and extensive real-world experience. A brilliant storyteller, Janice delivers high-impact content that leaves audiences armed with tactics to break down the doors that are limiting them from realizing their true potential.