Business Owner

“The most transformative weekend I have ever had, and the most fun. You have absolutely no idea what your day’s going to be like. None. To be able to be totally present and all you know is that you’re going to have excitement, you’re going to be learning new things, you’re going to be challenged, but you’re going to be laughing and be doing it surrounded by other amazing women. That’s all you have going into the experience and everything that comes at you is just…it’s like what you see in the movies, but it’s relevant to your life and it’s just exhilarating. It’s just the most exhilarating experience I think I’ve ever had.
I would recommend this to every single woman I know, to anyone, to anybody who is wanting to have an opportunity to grow and to learn more about themselves and to receive tools to make positive change in their life, but do it in a really exciting environment where you’re getting to play and you’re getting to explore new things and you’re doing it in the grasp of the most professional, knowledgeable experts in their field. So you’re getting taken care of but you’re also getting challenged; your abilities are getting challenged. It’s just top shelf, from the moment you arrive to the moment you wake up until you go to bed at night, it’s just top shelf. It’s just awesome! I love it!”