Director, St Isabella’s Marin PYC

“St Isabella Church’s Marin Parish Youth Council, or PYC as it is commonly referred to, which is one of the largest Youth Groups of Northern California was excited to welcome Janice Niederhofer of Undercover Rose to it’s annual Speaker Night on Monday January 29th. The theme of Speaker Night was ‘Follow Your Dreams’ and Janice spoke with honesty, intelligence, and enthusiasm which is exactly what this generation needs to hear in terms of motivating them to get ready for the future! She offered examples from her fascinating and humble past with the emphasis on how she wasn’t going to let where she came from dictate where she was going.

Speaking to teenagers isn’t always the easiest task, but the children were quite invested since Janice chose not to talk to them, but with them, especially when she interacted with them and took time to answer their own questions. It was both an honor and privilege to have Janice Niederhofer speak to the youth of our community and we hope that she continues to inspire people with her wisdom and knowledge.”