“Our commander, Janice, is amazing and that team that she led – just incredible – law enforcement, FBI, DEA, military, tactical. The skills on that team were amazing and the at the same time so were their people skills. We went from learning the physical skills that they have to learn, to learning the psychological skills that they have to know. So everything about the team, all of the aspects, were wonderful. The event was amazing because of that team!

[I’m taking away from the event] the presence of mind, to stay present. One of the things that we learned is that you want to live and exist in a state that is somewhere between being completely relaxed and being completely on alert. You want to be present in your surroundings at all times. I think people forget that. We also learned accountability. We, each of us is only, the only one that’s responsible for our own well being. It’s something that we learned over and over again and it’s such an important lesson.”