Executive Assistant to the CEO – DTI Laboratories

“Twice a year, we bring our Lab Managers together, pulling them in from various locations across the United States and Canada. Our goal is to educate, motivate and most importantly, to unite this group. Our CEO happened upon Janice Niederhofer. What an incredible FIND! Janice is an amazing woman with a true gift of communicating and coaching. Janice’s experiences and insights were shared with this group in such a way; allowing them the opportunity to take part in an exercise of confidence, endurance, and belief within themselves. She knows how to empower and energize and is an inspiration to all. As the coordinator of this event, I found Janice to be incredibly organized and easy to work with. She brings along her own technical crew and sets-up the day before the event to ensure organization and a smooth-running operation. When Janice touches your life; she leaves an imprint on your heart.”