Leadership Recruitment Team Member – Facebook

“The Undercover Rose off-site today was incredible. I’ve done a lot of corporate off-sites and this is one that I will take with me. It is about bringing out the very best in people, honoring people, and learning how to pull out the very best in people through really listening, repeating back what they’ve said to you, giving them your full attention. You are going to bring out the very best in people and honor them and build trust and you’re going to get what you want in life, so that’s pretty cool. The other thing that I learned is around leadership. You don’t have to necessarily have the manager title to be a leader. I learned that in leadership you just need to decide to be the leader in everything that you do and act from a place of integrity and even if people don’t give that back to you it still comes back to you in other forms that just bless your life. So, it was totally worth my time and I got a lot out of it.”